At COSS, we know that Chinese enterprises have their own ways of doing things, and that when they are operating overseas, they have a distinct set of goals and face a distinct set of challenges and security risks.

Our Chinese experts know the Chinese mindset and have extensive experience working with major Chinese companies. We understand the legal, political and cultural factors that affect Chinese firms’ operational decisions, both at home and overseas.

We can design and implement security solutions that create value and reduce uncertainty for Chinese clients in a manner that supports their long- and short-term objectives. With COSS, Chinese clients get security solutions with Chinese characteristics.

COSS’s security solutions for Chinese clients operating overseas take many China-specific factors into consideration, including:

  • Chinese language issues
  • Chinese culture and customs
  • Chinese business practices
  • Organisational culture in state-owned and private Chinese companies
  • Relations with relevant Chinese government departments
  • Chinese government’s foreign policy objectives
  • Relevant legal responsibilities under Chinese and non-Chinese law
  • Relations with local overseas-Chinese communities
  • China-specific threats (e.g. local ethnic-Chinese criminal gangs)